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We use the principles of modern medical science to address the needs of the cosmetic industry resulting in a comprehensive line of skincare products that work to improve skin appearance and overall health.

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CeLuvia develops and distributes a scientific line of anti-aging skin products designed to fill unmet needs. CeLuvia’s exclusive scientific formulas includes PPAR-gamma, growth factors and antioxidants and these repair tissue damage, improve barrier strength, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate aging skin. Celuvia’s revolutionary anti-aging line is based on the simple principle that skin needs to be stimulated from within in order to repair itself at the cellular level. By using active ingredients that naturally occur in the body such as growth factors and cell signaling molecules, we can provide natural regenerative signals to aging skin cells based on advanced cellular biology. This can be done only in our skin cell research labs to create multi-targeted products to combat all signs of skin aging at a cellular level.


Using the most advanced science from knowledgeable and renowned scientists in the field

Attracts the most sophisticated and discerning consumers

Effective and proven anti-aging products: our active ingredients are attuned to your cells, and stimulate natural cellular regeneration in your body.

zero side effects


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We currently have 6 sales reps in the United States. We are looking for worldwide distribution for Celuvia.