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Designed by a world class research team, we’ve developed a skin care solution in a class of its own.


Gathered from decades of ground-breaking cancer research, comprehensive understanding of human cell signalling our research works to address the needs of the skincare industry. Using targeted molecules to help counter the cellular processes that lead to skin aging and poor skin health. The Celuvia approach focuses on manipulating cell-signaling pathways to stimulate skin cells to carry out specific functions that help to reconstruct the skin. This includes providing messenger molecules to skin cells to instruct these cells to make more proteins, increase cellular fat content and decrease the production of melanin associated with dark spots.

cell signalling illustration.

Among our active ingredients we find:


Stimulate cells to increase production of important molecules called lipids which help form a barrier that improves the ability of skin to retain moisture and increase skin volume. Also inhibits the breakdown of collagen and reduces inflammation.


Stimulates skin cell growth and activates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin which form the fibers in skin that give its structure, elasticity and youth.


Relax and smoothen wrinkles, giving visible benefits just minutes after application.


Protect skin cells from free radical damage.


Allow the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.


 Safe and effective.

Advanced Restorative Day and Night Complex

Celuvia’s advanced Restorative Night and Day Complex are the only products in the market that recreates Lipids. Lipids boost formation of Elastine and Collagen naturally, and reconstruct the skin barrier in order to prevent lost of moisture. As a results: No need for moisturizers, No need for peeling, No need for eye cream, No need for weekly mask. Yes a better, even, moist and healthier looking skin naturally with no side effects.

Without Celuvia (poor lipids formation) vs. With Celuvia (new lipids formation)
poor lipids vs. new lipids formation

Intensive Brightening Complex

There is no parallel product in the market so far such as Celuvia’s Intensive Brightening Complex. This patent pending brightening complex is formulated for one purpose only: To even skin tone and reduce unwanted hyperpigmentation and decrease dark spots associated with aging, skin damage and superficial melisma.

No side effects whatsoever. No Hydroquinone and no Bleaching agents. We let the melanin cells balance themselves, naturally.

Hyperpigmentation in action
new skin vs. old skin illustration.
The image below are Melanocytes grown on a lab dish. Anti-spot ingredients eliminate dark brown melanin.